Current Fanfiction Projects

-Good Kitty. Erotic alternative universe superhero kink adventure.

-untitled as-of-yet Rosemary Homestuck/Hannibal fusion where Rose is Hannibal and Kanaya is Will
-The Seer's Eye (TMA crossover). Homestuck 2.0 AU

The Magnus Archives
-Camera Lens Eyes. Post-Eyepocalypse romance between every member of the cast. Everyone is alive! Everyone is trans!
-kiss me and call me brother dear. Elias solves all of his problems by making them vampires devoted to him personally. Mostly canon-compliant otherwise.
-our love is as immortal as our bodies. AU where Jonathan Sims has been Jonah Magnus's Head Archivist for a very long time.

-I am also working on various disconnected erotic works for Kinktober 2020.

read my completed fanfiction here. This part of the website is still under construction (porting all the html over by hand is time consuming).